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"YIWU H&G 2012" & "YIWU S&G 2012" Set New Records with Resounding Success
Next Show in November 2013!
Publish Date: Jan-08 2013
The 13th China (Yiwu) International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery (YIWU H&G 2012) & The 2nd China (Yiwu) International Exhibition on Automatic Garment Machinery & Sewing Equipment (YIWU S&G 2012) successfully dropped its curtain at Yiwu International Expo Centre, Yiwu, Zhejiang, PR China on November 30, 2012. The shows aimed at offering a brand new trading and sourcing platform for both exhibitors and buyers.

"YIWU H&G 2012" & "YIWU S&G 2012" have attracted 152 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions, showcasing 470 machineries in an exhibition area of 12,000 sqm. The 4-day shows recorded 10,866 attendances of professional trade visitors and buyers, in which 4.1 % were international visitors.

Celebrated Buyers Fostered Business Cooperation with Exhibitors

Have been serving the industry for 12 years, "YIWU H&G 2012" & "YIWU S&G 2012" focused on business effectiveness and integrated market demand, which provided buyers with one-stop sourcing and exchange platform and attracted numerous local and international buyers and associations to visit the shows. This year (2012), "YIWU H&G" & "YIWU S&G" have received enormous support from industry players, more than 10 associations and enterprise delegations visited the show, including Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce-Ladies Wear Branch and Nanjing Women's Clothing Chamber of Commerce, which were the first time to organize delegations and 20 enterprises were grouped respectively to visit and source at onsite. It was also the 4th year that Hanning Hosiery Industry Association organized a group of over 30 enterprises to visit the show. Besides, Pujiang County Knitting, Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, Pujiang Clothing Industry Association, Jinhua Chamber of Commerce, etc. have also attended the show. Corporate representatives including MengNa Hosiery, Langsha Group, China Bonas Group, Zhejiang Manzi Knitting, Wanyu Knitting, Jodoll Garment, Kingeagle Group, etc. have come to visit the shows. All of their attendances have further proven the importance and uniqueness of the shows as well as brought unlimited business opportunities to exhibitors.

Mr. Wang Xiang, Director of Nanjing Women's Clothing Chamber of Commerce stated, "It's our first time to organize enterprises to visit YIWU S&G, this show is professional with all-rounded supporting facilities, we will continue supporting the show."

Mr. Yu Fu Chu, Manager of Equipment Department of Kingeagle Group (Huinan) mentioned, "It's our 2nd time to visit "YIWU H&G" & "YIWU S&G", the show is professional, we must visit it every year as it satisfies our sourcing demand for our new production line."

Mr. Dong Hai Feng, Supervisor of Purchasing Department of Langsha Group delighted to share, "YIWU H&G is a must-visit exhibition, it's also the most professional exhibition in knitting and hosiery industries. We can find the latest equipment and technology here. The show gathers many industry players. YIWU H&G is an excellent platform to source and obtain first-hand information."

Mr. Cheng Yong Bin, I.T Director of Bonas Group stated, "A wide range of machinery and equipment has been displayed at YIWU H&G onsite, it's a prime platform for us to understand more about local and imported hosiery machinery, equipment and accessories."

Mr. M D S Hemantha Kumara, Chairman of Sarasavi Exports (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka) mentioned, "It's my 6th time to visit YIWU H&G, I can source what I want in this show, the quality of the exhibitors and level of technology are improving. YIWU H&G is the most specialized platform showcasing hosiery machinery in China."

Mr. Raj K. Jain, Managing Director of Zonac Knitting Machines Pvt. Ltd. said, "I only visit YIWU H&G in China, it's my 5th time to visit this show, the exhibitors showcase the latest machinery and equipment. I must visit next edition of this show!"

Onsite Business Deal Breaks Record High

"YIWU H&G 2012" & "YIWU S&G 2012" have been successfully held for 12 editions and affirmed the show's professionalism by exhibitors. Numerous exhibitors including Chemtax, Santoni, Rosso, K & E / Merz, Huian King Tanso, Xingya, Shanghai Yin Science & Technology, HBT Science & Technology, Desirable, Ruiyang, etc., got satisfactory feedback and received orders and closed the business deal onsite. In addition, many exhibitors reflected that they have received a lot of enquiries, which broke the record high! Some compliments from exhibitors are as below:

Mr. Wang Guo Gao, General Manager of HBT Science & Technology Co., Ltd. said, "We displayed automatic garment equipment onsite. We found that there are more visitors than past editions, most of them are professional buyers. We have received orders during the show period. Overall speaking, we are very satisfied with the show."

Mr. Tang Yue Bo, Sales Director of Xing Hua Tang Shi Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., commented, "We brought our self-innovated winding machines to YIWU H&G. The machines rank top 3 among the industry. The characteristics of our machines are energy-saving, high efficient and low repair rate. The result of exhibiting is out of our expectation as the buyers are professional and high quality. We must exhibit and invest more next year."

Mr. Qin, Manager of Sweden Hitex Group mentioned, "It's our first time to participate in this show. The show is professional; The service provided by Adsale is well-organized, we are satisfied with customers' enquiries. We must support next edition!"

Mr. Chen Chang Qing, Manager of Wellknit Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) delighted to share, "YIWU H&G is the influential exhibition in China's hosiery industry, it is an excellence platform for brand promotion. We must continue exhibiting next edition."

Mr. Johnny Chen, General Manager of K&E Company Ltd. / Merz (Germany) stated, "We showcase our latest medical sock machinery, we can reach target buyers and promote products in China's market through exhibiting at YIWU H&G."

A Series of Splendid Activities Kept Abreast of the Trend

Stepping into "The 12th Five Year Plan", China's knitting and clothing industry is going to have a vast development. "YIWU H&G" & "YIWU S&G" provide an exchange and trading platform for latest knitting technology in China. The organizers have arranged a series of concurrent activities on hot market trend onsite, including: Presentation of New Product - Honeycomb Structure High-performance Fiber with Temperature and Humidity Control (1st day of the exhibition), Future Development of China's Underwear Forum (1st day of the exhibition), 2013-2014 Underwear Design & Trends Forum (2nd day of the exhibition), Transforming of China's Clothing Industry & Branding Strategy Forum (3rd day of the exhibition), etc. These activities established an interactive and effective platform for exhibitors and buyers to create more cooperative opportunities.

"YIWU H&G 2012" & "YIWU S&G 2012" are organized by China Commodities City Group Co. Ltd and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., co-organized by Yiwu International Expo Centre; and supported by China Chamber of International Commerce Yiwu Chamber of Commerce, Yiwu City Hosiery Industry Association, Yiwu City Braiding Industry Association, Yiwu City Seamless Knitting Association, Yiwu City Zipper Industry Association, Yiwu City Garment Industry Association, Yiwu City Glove Industry Association, as well as Pujiang County Knitting, Printing and Dyeing Industry Association.

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